Neuer, Bayern’s top player, keeps Thomas Tuchel.

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Thomas Tuchel still has the opportunity to continue working as Bayern Munich’s trainer next season. After receiving support from Manuel Neuer and another 80 percent of the Southern Tigers football players.

‘Suddeutsche Zeitung’ reported on Tuesday that Bayern Munich’s 38-year-old goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is the leader of around 80 percent of the Bayern Munich players. There is a movement for the club to keep Thomas Tuchel working next season. UFABET 

Bayern Munich announces they will part ways with Tuchel at the end of this season. Even though many people think it’s not a good idea. But top management still stands by the decision. But the Bavarian team has been unable to find a replacement for the 50-year-old trainer until now. Even though he has been linked with many coaches. 

According to the report, Neuer, the goalkeeper and captain of the Southern Tigers is the leader of the players. With about 80 percent supporting the club to keep Tuchel as trainer next season. And have communicated their wish to the club’s senior management to reconsider their decision. 

Meanwhile, Tuchel is seriously considering continuing his job as the Tigers’ coach next season as well. As a result, the 50-year-old does not want the club to hold a farewell ceremony for him as he plays his final game at the Allianz Arena against Wolfsburg on Sunday.

If the majority of the team’s players, sports management including Max Eberl and Christoph Freud, and Tuchel all support the idea, it could cause senior management to reconsider their decision and open the door. There is also an opportunity for the 50-year-old trainer to continue with the one year remaining on his contract.